How much do you charge for writing an essay?

We do not fix the prices for writing an essay.

Before proceeding with an order, you will have to provide us with:

  • details of terms,
  • citation style,
  • academic level
  • and the deadline.

The amount to be charged on the essay solely depends on the client. It also depends on the quality of the essay the client demands.

If the client wants a high-quality essay, then the costs will be a bit higher since it demands more time, effort and research.

There also some essays that are time-consuming and might take some time to be completed before the deadline.

These essays are priced higher since the work of the writer must be compensated for fully. What counts is the number of pages the essay demands.

Our professional writers usually charge hourly on time spent on an essay in addition to the research time. There are many factors that are put in place before the prices are agreed upon.



For example, the level of experience of the writer. Initially, when we started we used to do pro bono work in order to build the brand of the firm.

But since now we have grown and are now a trusted writing company after attaining all the required credentials we charge a bit higher for quality work.

For research papers, the costs also have to take into account the expenses incurred while carrying out the research.

All of the expenses are reflected in the final pricing to the client. A timely delivery of your essay is included in the overall price. You can also make copies of the essay.

The low charges on some of our orders do not reflect directly on the poor quality of the essay.

Rather, we have low charges due to the lack of additional charges. We normally let you leave your order on our site as our writers send in their proposals.

After going through the cost, deadline time and the reviews of the writer from other clients you can then choose who you think is best suited for the job.

You are advised to pay only for work that you have counter-checked and you are satisfied with the format.



The cost of an essay depends on the nature of the essay itself. If you are in need of a high quality and helpful essay it will cost, you a little then you can examine it and use it as a source for your own paper.

We offer essays at a moderate and reasonable price. We also offer cheap essays with a high-quality standard that has been tailored specifically to suit your requirements.

We normally don’t offer too cheap orders since our reputation of the firm lies in quality work. We have heavily invested in our workers who offer professional essays that meet the standards of all institutions.

We ensure that the materials used by our writers and referred to in the reference list are absolutely reliable and gotten from real sources.

The citation style will be cited within the text of the paper and also in the reference list. We do our best to offer high-quality services for moderate and reasonable prices.

We also offer a solid discount system to our clients on all of their next orders. So this means the more orders you demand the cheaper the costs will be on each order.

We understand that it is difficult to write a well- constructed, coherent and grammatically correct essay. Especially with deadlines offered and time limits.

This can be hard to finish especially when you are working part-time or have other essays to write also. We are here to help you reduce your workload so that you can have time to focus on other things.



You don’t have to worry about the quality you will get from us because we have you covered. Our staff writers are highly skilled and experienced when it comes to all types of essays.

They are willing to pass on their knowledge about the subject matter onto your essay so that you are able to present a factual and well-researched essay.

They also tutor you on emerging news concerning essay writing and approaches in general.

Since it is hard for you to collect all the relevant information used in writing the essay, we provide all the materials thus making it easier to discern.

We will help you in saving time that can be utilized in other activities. Our professional writers will go ahead and pick a topic tailored for you.

We offer free samples of academic papers to help in writing and citation. If you have additional sources, you can also include them or even help in drafting your initial paper.

After placing your order, you can also communicate with the writer assigned to your essay to make sure all the details and instructions of the order are taken into consideration.

The writer can also answer you all your pending questions and even make amendments in the essay if it is necessary.

The relationship between you and the writer can create a conducive environment where they can offer you advice for future reference.

You can also check on the progress of the essay from time to time before the completion. We work hard to deliver quality and meet

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