Floating solar energy;revolutionary concept for the production of cheap and environmentally friendly solar energy


  1. The product is a revolutionary concept for the production of cheap and environmentally friendly solar energy. It is bound to be constructed on top of a swimming pool and serve a double purpose both as a swimming pool cover and solar energy harnessing equipment. The area for construction of the product should be an open area absent of any feature that may block sunlight from reaching the product. This product operates on the same principle of floating solar panels but this one can slide on and off the pool. The product consists of an in built thermometer which checks the temperature of the water and when the pool temperatures are hot the solar panels rise a little.
  2. The product serves as the potential solution to a very large number of energy related problems. The main challenge or shortcoming that comes with ordinary solar panels is primarily their cost and low levels to which they utilize the available sunlight. This product unilaterally solves these problems.it consists of strategically placed primary and secondary mirrors on the solar panels which act a high end reflectors of sunlight and concentrate it on the solar panels. This has an amplifying effect on the amount of sunlight reaching the panels with concentration levels being increased up to ten times the normal sunlight concentration. This ensures absolutely no wastage of sunlight and solves the problem of normal solar panels producing low amounts of energy. This product can produce energy levels much higher than ordinary solar panels thus higher sustainability. The installation of this product and its general maintenance is comparatively cheap when juxtaposed with the procurement and maintenance cost of ordinary solar panels. This product thus provides an economically friendly platform for the production of high amounts of solar energy. This product also provides the option of an environmentally friendly source of energy, which is clean and releases no toxic substances to the atmosphere or to the environment at large. It also makes economical use of the available space since it also serves as a swimming pool cover.
  3. High levels of innovation have been displayed by not only the construction but also the operation of this product. This product personifies the concept of two in one as it takes something as simple and as ordinary as a swimming pool cover and fuses it with solar panels capable of powering the adjacent house. The product also consists of primary and secondary mirrors, which are strategically placed on the solar panels and act as amplifiers of the amount of solar energy reaching the solar panels. This is achieved through a rather simple mechanism that involves the mirrors reflecting the sunlight back onto the solar panels and increasing the concentration of solar energy in play as regard to the product by up to ten times more than the normal sunlight concentration. Innovative indeed. This enables the product to produce extremely higher amounts of energy especially in comparison to other normal solar panels. This product when deployed not only produces energy but also helps to keep the swimming pool clean and free from undesired external objects and wildlife. High levels of innovation are also displayed in the components use to assemble this product as they are relatively cheap and greatly reduce the financial implications of high amounts of clean energy.
  4. The product entails a large number of key features with each being instrumental in the product’s operation, low maintenance costs, and high energy levels produced. The product has a very simple design, which makes its installation, in the presence of all the necessary environmental variables, a very simple, and consumer friendly process with absolutely no complicated twists and turns. Another key aspect of the product is the revolutionary utilization of space that everyone has and has high potential which has never been exploited. Almost all homes have swimming pools and swimming pool covers which serve just one purpose, covering the pool. This product revolutionizes the concept of swimming pool covers as they are no longer just seals or a form of protection of property but a source of clean energy. The modules are made of aluminum, which is denser than water, but they are especially shaped to ensure that they float on water and are in an optimal position for maximum reception of sunlight. A key feature in play in this product is the sunlight amplification mechanism. This involves strategically placed and especially installed primary and secondary mirrors, which reflect sunlight, back to the solar panels thus amplifying the amount of solar radiation available to the solar panels. This ensures that the product produces extremely high amounts of clean and cheap energy, which is environmentally friendly and makes use of minimal resources.

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