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Make your podcast accessible beyond the audio.

Show notes are an in-depth account of what happened and what was said during each episode of your podcast. These tend to be blog length pieces of content and are posted directly to your podcast’s website.

Podcast show notes are much more than just a recap – they’re an advert.

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Podcast Show Notes Writer

Producing notes for your listeners to view after they’ve listened to your podcast is a great addition to your brand. Your fans want to know how to learn more about the topics you’ve talked about and they want to know more about your guests. Show notes are the easiest way to provide this information for them and prevents you from answering an endless trail of emails and messages on social media.

Show notes have an even greater purpose though, and that is to make your podcast SEO friendly. It can be difficult to get your podcast the attention it deserves when there’s so many out there. Bringing in new listeners can be hard when the market is so saturated. That’s where podcast notes and SEO come in.

Like any blog post, ASAP Writers will ensure that your show notes are packed with the very best SEO techniques to help your content rank highly on search engine searches.

We also research and implement relevant keywords that will bring new listeners to you via their own search results. Their original search query will be answered or reflected in the podcast notes on your website, and their interest will be transferred to new listenership.

SEO Optimised Show Notes Writing

If your show notes are going to convince new visitors to your website to become new listeners of your podcast, they’re going to have to be professional quality. The notes have to be as interesting and entertaining as your podcast itself.

We include eye-catching titles and headings throughout the text to ensure that your readers are kept engaged. We pull the very best bits of your show and highlight them, often using quotes, to showcase what your podcast will offer. Our expert writers are incredibly skilled at creating content that will rapidly turn readers into listeners.

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Take into consideration your audience and target market

Craft professional quality blog length content

Include eye catching titles and headers

Add or create relevant visuals or audio clips

Incorporate any relevant links, information related to any references made and biographies for your guests

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