Your great products need our great descriptions.

After all the hard work you’ve put into building your business up from the bottom, you’re finally ready to list your products and make a profit – but there’s one last tedious job to do, and depending on just how many products you have, it might be a big one.

Take the weight off your shoulders and put your product descriptions in the hands of a team of highly skilled, experienced writers. We will create expert product descriptions for your eCommerce website, from Amazon to Shopify and everything in between.

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Quality Descriptions

Our team of product description writers are made up of professionals with a vast array of knowledge from all sorts of backgrounds. We can assure you that your product descriptions will be written by someone who will understand your business, your products, and the audience you’re selling to.

We want to see you succeed, so we put our all into every description you need. No task is too big or too small. If you already gave writing product descriptions a shot, we’re happy to work from existing copy and preserve the bones of your work, or we can start fresh and write brand new copy.

Search engine optimisation is vital for a successful product, even if the product descriptions are short. Most writers agree that a great product description isn’t essay length, but that doesn’t mean we slack on its SEO.

Particularly if your business is a retailer or distributor for a wholesaler, it is essential that your product descriptions are unique from the wholesalers. If they match too closely, Google won’t rank your website well. We offer brand new product descriptions that utilise the best techniques in SEO to ensure that your business gets all of the attention it deserves.

Amazon has its own variety of search engine optimisation that, when done correctly, will push your product to the top of its customers search results. Our talented team of writers can ensure your Amazon product descriptions will be packed with all the correct kinds of SEO.

We Can Make Your Product Stand Out


Just because product descriptions are short, that doesn’t mean they have to be boring. Customers want to read engaging and exciting descriptions that show them the benefits of purchasing your products.

Our descriptions are creative and meaningful and use a wide range of techniques to keep the readers interested until the end. 


Nobody is going to buy something they don’t understand. Product descriptions have to be detailed and informative, so the buyer knows exactly what they’ll get.

Our writers learn all there is to know about your products before we write anything. We want to answer every question your customers might have before they ask them.

Great product descriptions will highlight the key features of your product in clear and detailed language. This might include product specifications, instructions on how to use it or ingredients.

Calls To Action

Nobody likes to feel sold to. Customers want to feel that they came to the decision to spend their money on their own. Our product descriptions keep this in mind by using gentle calls to action, rather than coercion.

Our gentle convincing explains to the potential customers why they need the product, not why you want to sell it to them.

Brand Identity

Our product descriptions stay true to your brand. We will work closely with you to create descriptions that are true to your unique voice and style.

It is important to us that no matter how many products you need descriptions for, each one has the same consistent style and sound.

We undertake in-depth research into your target audience to ensure that what we create matches their, and your, needs exactly. 

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