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Persuasive sales copy turns your simple website into a fully-fledged business.

The best way to put your business’ value on display is to have high-quality sales copy on your website. Sales copy is an opportunity to make a statement that tells your customers who you are, what you do and most importantly, why that should matter to them.

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Sales copy is content on your website that persuades visitors to buy your product or service. The focus is entirely on how your customers will benefit from purchasing what you have to offer.

It is more than just text that explains your product to potential customers, it is a compelling plea that aims to directly influence anyone who reads it to make a purchase.

Writing good sales copy is all about switching the focus from your business to your customers.

We are experts in getting into the mindset of your target audience and pinpointing exactly what it is we need to say to get their attention.

At ASAP Writers, we undertake in-depth research into the needs of your customers, and what they need from you. We’re confident we have the perfect sales page copywriter for your business.

Create Great Sales Copy For You

Writing professional sales copy can be difficult if you don’t know how to. Fortunately, we are experts in our field and will work alongside you at all times to help you understand exactly what we’re doing.

Our sales copywriting will be of the highest quality, packed with all of the best techniques to increase your profits.

There are a few key factors that take copywriting from simple text to the kind of content that could sell sand at the beach.

Detailed Reseach

We want to understand everything about what you’re selling, be it a service, product, or information. When we know all there is to know about what you have to offer, we’ll know how to sell it to others.

When we’re satisfied that we know what you’re offering inside and out, the focus will move to your customers. Sales copy is all about appealing to them and making them want what you have.

The most important point to know is what gap you’re aiming to fill in your buyer’s lives. We like to look into what their unique pain point is, in order to know how best to show them that they need your product. To write great sales copy we have to show them that your products or services will solve their problems.

It’s human nature to be sceptical when it comes to spending money, so we research every objection your potential customers might have. Doing this allows us to calm their fears in our sales copywriting before their concerns can get the better of them.

Finally, it’s essential to learn about your competitors. In order to prove that your business is the one worthy of their hard-earned money, you have to know what your competitors have to offer. Researching other businesses in your niche will show you what you’re up against. We can determine what they’re doing successfully and what they’re failing it, allowing us to find exactly where you fit within the niche.

Simple, Not Dumb

It is essential that your sales copy is clear and concise. No one came to your website looking for an essay, unless that’s what you’re selling.

Your potential customers need to understand what you’re selling, and why they should be interested in it, quickly and easily. We make sure that all of our sales copywriting highlights your products key features in such bold ways that even the fastest of skim readers will know what you’re telling them about.

Great sales copy is descriptive and engaging but not complicated or lengthy. We deliver your business’ message in a punchy, interesting way without dumbing it down.

Utilise The Niche

People love inside jokes and spotting content hidden just for those in the know. Common interests are a great way to make friends, and this can be translated into business too.

We create this feeling for your customers by using language that is specific to your niche throughout the sales copy.

The best way to build trust with your buyers and potential customers is to show them that you know and care about what you’re selling. Not only by including niche language but by adding passionate feelings to what we write, we can convey your passion for the subject and build their confidence in your business.

Add Meaning

The most valuable addition to any sales copy is meaning. By filling your content with powerful messages that speak to the hearts of your reader, you can add depth to what could be a very superficial piece of writing.

At ASAP Writers, we want our work to be more than just a plea to customers to buy your product. We don’t want your customers to feel sold to or coerced into buying, instead, we want to show them why they would benefit from what you have to offer.

Stories from you or your customers, explaining why your product has been life changing encourages potential customers to try, in the hope that their life will be improved in the same way.

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