‘What is culture?’ essay writing guideline

Writing an essay majorly entails telling a story about a specified topic. When called upon to write an essay on the topic ‘what is culture,’ the key part to note is the definition of the word ‘culture.’

The examiner wants you to define and touch on the different aspects of culture. Just like any other essay, the structure of the essay takes the normal three-part format; introduction, body and conclusion.


Find the definition of the terms


You need to fully understand the meaning of terms when writing the essay. Proper definitions can be found in scholarly articles, journals and books. Here is the beginning of the research. Find a definition that is related to the topic you are studying.

In the process of learning the words, prepare a rough idea of what you will talk about with regards to culture. Write ‘what is culture’ essay outline to guide you through the research stage. SEE how to write a paper on abortion.


‘What is culture’ essay outline

Writing the outline will enable you to arrange your ideas in a logical manner. In the outline write the points that you intend to tackle each of the three sections. The outline will take a point form format having only the important points mentioned. Don’t worry this outline is not part of the essay unless required by the instructor.


Essay Sections

Each section of the outline will have the following information.

In the introduction, you will define culture and state its relevance to the topic you are studying. Give a little background information. Finally, state the thesis statement for the essay. The introduction should be as precise as possible giving the reader clear details of what to expect in the paper.

The body would include the arguments that you have gathered during research. The number of paragraphs in the body would depend on the number of ideas. Ensure to allocate each idea its own paragraph and have a logical transition of the ideas throughout the paper.

You may have each paragraph giving an account of the issues in the sources identified. Remember that the sources have to be scholarly to strengthen the legitimacy of the arguments.

The conclusion is a summary of the essay argument. In this section, you will continue to affirm the issues raised on culture. End the paragraph with a repetition of the thesis.


Writing the First Draft

Now that you have all the content and outline written out, it is time to write our first draft essay. Follow the structure of the outline and write your essay. Organize the ideas in a logical manner that shows a good flow. Use short sentences in the essay that are clear and precise.

Ones you have done, proofread the paper and ensure that you correct all mistakes. If not confident about your own editing skills, seek the help of a proofreader and make amendments as requested. By the time you write your final draft, you will have a perfect paper that is ready for submission.



‘What is Culture’ Essay Writing Tips


Writing an awesome essay depends on the skills acquired through practice for a long time. Therefore, it is important that when you have a topic, say ‘what is culture’, to write several drafts before presenting the final one to the teacher.


  • Tip #1. Directly write the ‘what is culture’ essay.

Answer the question as requested and give a precise solution. The only way that you will be able to score marks on this topic is if the teacher believes that you have answered the question exhaustively.

It is prudent to have a plan before embarking on the journey of writing the essay. Have clear definitions at hand and identify the keyword that the examiner would be looking for. In this case, the keyword is culture.

You will research the meaning of the word and how it applies in our case. The examiner needs to clearly understand the point you are articulating. It would really be a bad idea if the examiner is unable to tell what you are talking about.



  • Tip #2. Outline the Structure of the Essay


Write the outline of the structure of ‘what is culture’ essay before embarking on the writing. The introduction of the essay is an important part as it introduces the reader to your argument. Therefore, it calls for complete relevance when writing the essay.

Understand the question and establish the meaning of the terms to be defined. Then sub-divide the question into smaller parts that will be looked into when addressing the topic. You will need to state the areas in a culture that you will argue about in the essay. SEE how to write a depression paper.

It could be the different types of cultures or the effects of culture on people from different parts of the world. Establish each argument separately and the alternative arguments that may arise in the course of the discussion.

Give the first priority to your strongest argument. An essay is always limited by the number of words and it would be quite unfortunate to spend a lot of space in the argument that does not contribute strongly to the thesis and leaves out the best one.

Some people have chosen to write the conclusion before the body of the essay. Those who support this style believe that it gives a clear picture of where the essay is heading. You may try this style or stick to the common way.

The body of the essay would carry the arguments stated, each on its own paragraph. This structure will allow the different issues to be dealt with separately and give a good transition in the arguments.

Each argument is followed by an interpretation and specific evidence to support it. In this way, you keep the reader in the know on the development of the arguments. SEE how to write a euthanasia essay.

The reader should not strain when searching for your topic sentences. The sources should have real facts that can be proven and not just opinions of historians as ‘culture’ is a history topic.


  • Tip #3 Write Several Drafts of the Essay

As I had pointed out earlier, writing is a skill that depends on practice. The third or fourth draft will be better than the first draft.

This will ensure that you remember the points that are most important and which ones are not as strong as the rest. When rewriting an essay, the flow of the paper improves and you will be able to correct grammar and stylistic mistakes that were in other drafts.

Check the reference materials and ensure that they are scholarly and properly cited.

Most of the History topics take APA format, but you are to cite according to the style required. Express yourself clearly and let the examiner get the key points that you intend to articulate.

It is important to avoid discussing sensitive issues since culture is a broad subject with a lot of sensitive things. You will not want to annoy your examiner who may not agree with the arguments that you are supporting.



As you have seen the success of writing a good essay would depend on a number of factors. All these factors mentioned above are important in producing an essay that meets expectations.

You have to conduct proper research on the essay topic until you feel comfortable with it. The research stage may take a while, therefore, be patient and gather the right info that will help you with your arguments.

Writing good essays needs a lot of practice. Just like producing any other masterpiece, after a couple of tries, you will have a good product. This kind of essay topic is direct and would need direct arguments.

It is important to spread the essay writing stages throughout several days if the deadline is not close. You will find that if you take several days writing an essay, you will be able to spot a section that is not relevant to the topic.

It is therefore to begin the process of crafting an essay immediately it is assigned to have enough time to produce a masterpiece.


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